7 Ways to be collaborative

It is with a huge sense of satisfaction that I can say I was part of the winning BIM4SME Giants team.  The Giants won an award at Build New York Live, a global BIM competition organised by Asite and this is detailed on their blog pages.

What did we do and how did we win?

Rob Garvey Core Group Member

Before I divulge any secrets, there are several things you need know.  Firstly the BIM4SME Giants team was formed of SME companies and individuals, most who had not worked together before and I, for one, had never even worked on any BIM project!  Secondly, what I am about to reveal is available to everyone, at low / no cost and can be used on non-BIM projects as well. Whatever your views on BIM, what the Giants and other Build Live teams is pretty remarkable in the 48 hour competition.  Digital technology was used to great effect and all participants have benefited from testing their capability and surprising their bosses with what can be possible. Yes, Archicad, Revit, Synchro, Exactal and appropriate IFC data exchanges were all important, but what I believe was just as important was the way the team communicated, cooperated and collaborated.
slack_icon.png Our principal communication tool; a Slack team was created and all participants joined.  Channels were set up for each pertinent communication thread eg design, cor-ordination, meetings etc. very effective at focusing conversation, sharing information and minimising email traffic.
bt_icon.jpg Pre-arranged meetings were scheduled and took place via BT Conferencing. With good project management, meetings were kept to reasonable strict half an hour slots and ensure progress and clarity of subsequent actions
joinme_icon.png At the same time as being on the conference call, the Join.me online meeting facility enabled computer screens to be shared and progress demonstrated.  During the design this was the Architect, during the production of the final report, prezi was shared.
prezi_icon.jpg Prezi is a presentation tool and allowed numerous editors to work on te same document at the same time.  So each party was able to add their content in double quick time. Awesome!
twitter_icon.png Social media, primarily Twitter, was used to good effect keeping the team and the outside world up-to-speed with progress
storify_icon.jpg The stream of social media was captured each 24 hours in a Storify.
The seventh would be our Common Data Environments; we used Newforma prior to the project starting andAsite Adoodle during the project for, amongst other things, data and file exchanges. As for email – we couldn’t avoid it, but minimised its use by using the other tools above! However, it is evident there are many collaborative tools that enable appropriate communication to take place, with individuals in different locations using different and multiple platforms simultaneously. So what tools do you use? Or are there tools you would like to use and are not developed yet?

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