The BIM acronyms are an abridged version of the full document created by Bond Bryan Architects re-produced with permission. Download the acronyms

AcActivities table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
AD4Asset Data Dictionary Definition Document (Crossrail Limited)
ADMActivity Definition Model
ADMMAsset Data Management Manual (Highways Agency)
AECArchitectural, Engineering and Construction
AIAAmerican Institute of Architects (US)
AIMAsset Information Model / Modelling
AIMSAsset Information Management System (Crossrail Limited)
AIRAsset Information Requirements
AMAsset Management
AMOAsset Management Office (Highways Agency)
AMPAgreed Maximum Price
APIApplication Programming Interface
APMAssociation for Project Management
ASPApplication Service Provider
BASBuilding Automation System
BCFBIM collaboration format
BEPBIM Execution Plan
BESBuilding Energy Simulation
BIMBuilding Information Model / Modelling / Management
BIM(M)Building Information Modelling and Management
BISUK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills BMS
BMSBuilding Management System
BQBill of quantities
BREBuilding Research Establishment
BREEAMBuilding Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment
BrIMBridge Information Model
BSBritish Standard
bSabuildingSMART alliance
bsDDbuildingSMART Data Dictionary bSI
bSIbuildingSMART International
BSIBritish Standards Institute
BSIMBuilding Services Information Model
BSRIABuilding Services Research and Information Association
CAContract Administrator
CADComputer Aided Design
CADDComputer Aided Design and Drafting CAFM
CAFMComputer Aided Facility Management
CAMComputer Aided Manufacture
CAPEXCapital Expenditure
CATIAComputer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application
CAWSCommon Arrangement of Work Sections
CDCompact Disc
CDECommon Data Environment
CDFCommon Data Format
CDMConstruction (Design and Management) Regulations
CDPACopyright, Designs and Patent Act
CEConstructing Excellence
CENEuropean Committee for Standardisation
CERLConstruction Engineering Research Laboratory (USACE)
CFDComputational Fluid Dynamics
CIATChartered Institute of Architectural Technologists
CIBSEChartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
CICConstruction Industry Council
CISConstruction Information Service
CITEConstruction Industry Trading Electronically
CMMCapacity Maturity Model or Coordinate Measurement Machine
CMMSComputerised Maintenance and Management System
CNCComputer Numerical Control
CoComplexes table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
COBieConstruction Operations Building Information Exchange
CoPCode of Practice
CPICoordinated Project Information
CPICConstruction Project Information Committee
CPIxConstruction Project Information Xchange
CPMSCapital Planning and Management System
CPRConstruction Progress Reporting
CRClash Rendition
CRLCrossrail Limited
CRSCoordinate Reference System
CSGConstructive Solid Geometry
CSIConstruction Specifications Institute
D&BDesign and Build
DBFODesign, Build, Finance, Operate
DBMSData Base Management System
DCLGDepartment for Communities and Local Government
DDSData Design System
DFMADesign for Manufacturer and Assembly
DfTDepartment for Transport
DMSDocument Management System
DPPDeveloped Constructor Proposals
EAMEnterprise Asset Management
ECEuropean Committee
ECIEuropean Construction Institute or Early Contractor Involvement
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EDMElectronic Distance Measurement
EDMSElectronic Data Management System
EeElements table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
EIREmployer’s Information Requirements
ELREngineering Line of Reference En
EMPEarly Works Packages
EnEntities table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
EOTAEuropean Organisation for Technical Approvals
EPEuropean Parliament
EPCEnergy Performance Certificate
EQMEuropean Quality Mark
ERDCEngineering Research and Development Center
ETCEngineering and Technology Board
EUQElement unit quantity
EURElement unit rate
EVAEarned Value Analysis
FCIFacilities Condition Index
FEEFabric Energy Efficiency
FFEFurniture, Fitting and Equipment
FFLFinished Floor Level
FIMFacilities Information Model
FMFacilities Management
FMAFacilities Management Association
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
gbXMLGreen Building Extensible Modelling Language
GCCBGovernment Construction Client Group
GCSGovernment Construction Strategy
GDLGeometric Description Language
GHGGreen House Gases
GIFA (GIA)Gross internal floor area (gross internal area)
GISGeographical Information System
GMLGeography Markup Language
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRIPGovernance for Railway Investment Projects
GSAGovernment Services Administration (US)
GSLGovernment Soft Landings aka (G)SL
GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier
GWPGlobal Warming Potential
H&SHealth and Safety
HAHighways Agency
HMGHer Majesty’s Government
HSEHealth and Safety Executive
HVACHeating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning
IaaS‘Infrastructure as a Service’
IAIInternational Alliance for Interoperability (now known as buildingSMART)
IAMThe Institute of Asset Management
IBCInstitute for BIM in Canada
IBDIntelligent Building Data
iBIMIntegrated Building Information Modelling
ICEInstitution of Civil Engineers and Innovative Contractor Engagement
ICISInternational Construction Information Society
ICTInformation and Communications Technology
IDMInformation Delivery Manual
ieinformation exchange
IFCIndustry Foundation Classes
IFDInternational Framework for Dictionaries
IFMAInternational Facility Management Association
IGESInternational Graphics Exchange Standard
IMInformation Modelling
IMPInformation Management Process
IMUInertial Measurement Unit
IPIntellectual Property
IPDIntegrated Project Delivery
IPIIntegrated Project Insurance
IPPInitial Project Proposals
IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IRInformation Requirements
IRMPIntegrated Risk Management Plan
ISInternational Standard
ISGImplementation Support Group (buildingSMART)
ISOInternational Organisation for Standardization
ITInformation Technology
IUKInfrastructure UK
IWMSIntegrated Workplace Management Systems
JCTJoint Contract Tribunal
JIBJoint Industry Board
JVJoint Venture
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LADARLaser detection and ranging
LAMLaser Aided Modelling
LANLocal Area Network
LCieLife Cycle information exchange
LCSLocation Coding System (London Underground)
LEEDLeadership in Energy & Environmental Design
LIDARLight detection and ranging
LODLevel of Definition or Level of model Detail (in the US this can be Level of Development)
LOILevels of model Information
LRMLinear Referencing Method
LRSLinear Referencing System
LULondon Underground
LZCLow to zero carbon
M&EMechanical and electrical
M&OMaintenance and Operations
MEPMechanical, electrical and plumbing
MIDIMaster Information Deliver y Index
MIDPMaster Information Deliver y Plan
MPDTModel Production and Deliver y Table
MQCModel Quality Control
MSGModel Support Group (buildingSMART)
MVDModel View Definition
MWHWMethod of Measurement for Highway Works (Highways Agency)
NaaS‘Native as a Service’
NAONational Audit Office
NBIMSNational Building Information Modeling Standard (US)
NBSNational Building Specification
NCNumerical Control
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement
NDEANon-domestic energy assessment
NECNew Engineering Contracts
NEC3New Engineering Contract (3rd Iteration of the NEC contract)
NFNational Framework
NIANet Internal Area
NIBSNational Institute of Building Sciences (US)
NIEMNational Information Exchange Model
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology (US)
NMSNational Master Specification
NRMNew Rules of Measurement
NURBSNon Uniform Rational B-Spline Surface
O&MOperations and maintenance
OASISOrganisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OBSOrganisation Breakdown Structures
OCEOrder of cost estimates
OCIOptimised Contractor Involvement
ODAOlympic Deliver y Authority
OGCOffice of Government Commerce
OIROrganizational information requirements
OLEOverhead Line Electrification
OMSIOperations and Maintenance Support
OPEXOperational Expenditure
OPSOutline Procurement Strategy
OROperational Rating
OSOrdnance Survey
PaaS‘Platform as a Service’
PACEProperty Advisers to the Civil Estate
PAMProperty Asset Management
PASPublicly Available Specification
PC SumPrime cost sum
PCIPre-Construction Information
PDMProject Deliver y Manager
PEPProject Execution Plan
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative
PIIProfessional Indemnity Insurance
PIMProject Information Model
PINPrior Indicative Notice
PIPProject Implementation Plan
PIXProject Information Exchange
POEPost Occupancy Evaluation
PPPhases table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
PPCProject Partnering Contracts
PQQPre-Qualification Questionnaire
PrProducts table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
PSCDPublic Sector Construction Database
PVSolar Photovoltaic
QAQuality Assurance
QLQuality Level
QSQuantity Surveyor
QTOQuantity Take Off
R&DResearch and Development
RACIResponsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed
RAGRed Amber Green
RDSRoom Data Sheet (or Room Data Schedule)
RFIRequest for Information
RFPRequest for Proposal
RGBRed Green Blue
RIARegulatory Impact Assessment
RIASRoyal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
RIBARoyal Institute of British Architects
RICSRoyal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
RITRoom Integrity Testing
ROIReturn on Investment
RPIRetail price index (or indices)
SASite area
SaaS‘Software as a Service’
SAPStandard Assessment Procedure
SBEMSimplified Building Energy Method SBS
SBSSmall Business Service
SCADASupervisory control and data acquisition
SCCSSupply Chain Capability Summary
SDNFSteel Detailing Neutral Format
SDOStandards Developing Organization
SDSSpace Data Sheet (or Space Data Schedule)
SIASecurity Industry Authority
SILSafety Integrity Level
SIMStructural Information Model
SMESmall and Medium Enterprises
SMMStandard Method of Measurement
SMPStandard Method and Procedure
SpSpaces table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
SPFFSTEP Physical File Format (IFC)
SPieSpecifiers’ Proper ties information exchange
SsSystems table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
SSLStructural Slab Level
STEPStandard for Exchange of Product data
STLStandard Tessellation Language
TATechnical Adviser
TBMTemporary Benchmark or Tunnel Boring Machine
TERTarget Emission Rate
TIDPTask Information Deliver y Plan
TLTube Lines
TLSTerrestrial Laser Scanner
TPITender price index (or indices)
UCUse Case
UKUnited Kingdom
UMLUnified Modelling Language
UniclassUnified Classification System
USACEUnited States Army Corps of Engineers
UXBUnexploded bomb
VCVirtual Construction
VDCVirtual Design and Construction
VFMValue For Money
VPNVirtual Private Network
VRMLVirtual Reality Modelling Language
WANWide Area Network
WBDGWhole Building Design Guide
WBSWork Breakdown Structures
WIPWork In Progress
WLCWhole Life Costing
WRWork Results table (CPIC Uniclass 2)
WRAPWaste & Resources Action Programme
WSWork Results for Specifications (CPIC Uniclass 2)
XMeXtensible Markup Language
X-REFCross reference
XSLTeXtensible Style sheet Language Transformations
XSPCross Section Positions
ZzCAD table (CPIC Uniclass 2