KT4BIM About

KT4BIM is a Building Award nominated project aiming at demystifying BIM Level 2 for the benefit of the industry.

We are investigating ALL the standards of BIM Level 2 on a virtual project.

The focus of the project is not on attractive fit-for-use design but on information exchanges and how to follow the guidelines set out in the standards.

All the documents and files we produce are published in our Download section. We welcome any industry feedback and will update our documents accordingly.

Adrien Guillemet

BIM and Information Manager @ Henry Riley LLP

Andrew Turner

KT4BIM Project Manager - Partner @ Henry Riley LLP

Jon Frost

KT4BIM Client - Head of Digital Services @ BWB Consulting Ltd

Steve Faulkner

KT4BIM Client - Associate Director @ Elliott Wood

Rob Garvey

KT4BIM Client - Senior Lecturer & Teaching Fellow @ University of Westminster

Mohamad Jenaban Cladding Designer

KT4BIM Cladding Designer - Mechanical Engineer @ Sotech Architectural Facade Systems & Teesside University

Tom Bilbe

KT4BIM HVAC Designer - R&D Engineer @ M+W Hargreaves

Gavin Lea

KT4BIM Architect - BIM Coordinator @ Frank Whittle Partnership & University of Central Lancashire

David Craggs

KT4BIM Architectural Technician @ DKS Architects & Teesside University

Lee Coates

KT4BIM Quantity Surveyor @ Core Five LLP

Yang Zou

KT4BIM Civil Designer - PhD Researcher @ University of Liverpool

Mohammad Saki

KT4BIM Sustainability Consultant - Doctoral researcher @ Greenwich University